with Kathleen Killackey   
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PISCES TAROT READING HERE PISCES     -     February 20th     til     March 20th
Those born in the sign of Pisces like to know that they are loved and appreciated for just being themselves. Deep emotions must be treated with great sympathy. Your friends usually share your interests in expansive causes, which will eventually bring about better conditions. Giving attention to the underprivelaged makes a Piscean very happy.
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ARIES     -     March 21st     til     April 20th ARIES TAROT READING HERE
Those born in the sign of Aries are natural born leaders, with the courage, energy and originality necessary to motivate others. Nothing makes you happier than overcoming problems, obstacles and the opposition. This also applies to "LOVE".


TAURUS TAROT READING HERE TAURUS     -     April 21st     til     May 21st
Those born in the sign of Taurus are generous, practical, worldly and live in a loving and contented home. The throat governed by this sign frequently produces marvellous singers.


GEMINI     -     May 22nd     til     June 21st GEMINI TAROT READING HERE
Those born in the sign of Gemini are happy entering a new group and trying some new use for their talents. Be very wary of too much change as this may lead to futility, a lack of joy and happiness.


CANCER TAROT READING HERE CANCER     -     June 22nd     til     July 22nd
Those born in the sign of Cancer are happiest whilst participating in Community events or preparing those delicious meals in the kitchen. Being able to help others with your sympathetic understanding also rates high on your list.


LEO     -     July 23rd     til     August 23rd LEO TAROT READING HERE
Those born in the sign of LEO have the majesty, the regality and ability to command respect. Combined with love which is the dominant part of the Leo personality. A Leo's features are usually high-bred, the eyes fine and the hair tawny, golden or red.


VIRGO TAROT READING HERE VIRGO     -     August 24th     til     September 22nd
Those born in the sign of Virgo are happy whilst reading informative material, achieving their educational goals. Fame does not attract you, however, you will gain much praise for your capabilities and tireless effort expressed through your natural Virgo nature.


LIBRA     -     September 23rd     til     October 22nd LIBRA TAROT READING HERE
Those born in the sign of Libra are family orientated with a natural sense of values unmatched by any sign. You enjoy using your artistic talents and debating with others in the know. When beauty and harmony surround your environment you are apt to glow with a happy light.


SCORPIO TAROT READING HERE SCORPIO     -     October 23rd     til     November 21st
Those born in the sign of Scorpio are a strong force in this world, when pursuing worthwhile tasks. Winning acclaim and recognition through your unequaled financial wisdom is a challenge that also makes you intensely happy.


Those born in the sign of Sagittarius enjoy the changes and variety that spice up their own lives. Impulsive travel pleases you and quite often you tend to throw a few things into a suitcase and leave suddenly, taking yet another exciting adventure. Mental stimulation makes your journey worthwhile.


CAPRICORN TAROT READING HERE CAPRICORN     -     December 22nd     til     January 20th
Those born in the sign of Capricorn enjoy the rewards received from your ardent efforts. Building up a business of your own can be the epitome of great happiness for you. Whilst pursuing your career you are able to survive on a shoestring budget if necessary. A very rare attribute seen in the other signs.


AQUARIUS     -     January 21st     til     February 19th AQUARIUS TAROT READING HERE
Those born in the sign of Aquarius are at their peak when required by others, or when acheiving worthwhile results. Causes for freedom and equality help make it possible for all Aquarians to learn more about the good things in life. Your love of study in Philosophical regions as well as the Occult Theory deepens your wordly pursuits.